What To Consider Before You Sign Up For A Retainer

Recently we talked about the advantages of a retained service contract between you and a video production crew. Paying for a set number of videos, over a set amount of time, is likely to strengthen your campaign.

However there are certain factors that you – and the production team – need to account for before the agreement is given the green light. Let’s take a look:

How often do you want to repeat a concept?

Retainers demand a schedule. For video, a schedule might consist of a single explainer film a month, a two-day event recording, and/or six ‘Twitter bites’ built for social media. Regular uploads are part of what makes a promotional campaign run effectively.

But there’s also the possibility that those desires will change. Video content doesn’t have to stay static; indeed, it can build on previous successes, becoming more intensive as you witness its impact on the business.

Services such as ours can scale up when you’re ready. Just bear in mind that this will typically involve reviewing the retainer further down the line.

Where does each part of the retainer link together?

 Each proposition in a retainer should become a pillar of your marketing strategy. The structure has to make sense within the context of what you’re trying to achieve, and tie in with your efforts elsewhere.

Series-led content, for example, can continue a narrative across several weeks or months, breaking a story up into small chunks that can be shared on social. Do those ideas add up to something coherent? Will one lead naturally to another? How can social media snippets provide an appetiser for longer-form content?

These questions are imperative to a successful retainer.

Is it set on value, instead of hourly effort?

Let’s face it: there’s no sense paying for wasted time. HSQ have carved a reputation in the video services industry for our ‘done in a day’ guarantee, whereby we seek to deliver a video in 24 hours, if necessary.

Other companies, however, may ask to be paid for a certain number of hours in any given period. That isn’t good – for you or for them. Value is what matters. By submitting to a time-spent retainer, you get a weaker sense of the relationship’s profitability.

It’s all about the end result – if that fails, then the retainer sinks into the mud of a bad agreement.

Trust is essential when embarking on a retainer agreement – something that we hold in high regard at HSQ Productions. Come to us for a great example of how planning really does pay off. We love working with clients on a long-term basis. Contact us to learn more about our forward-thinking video services.

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Posted by Adam Smith.

HSQ Pledges £12,000 Worth Of Video & Photography To North West Charities

From the 15th January, HSQ Productions are offering North West charity organisations the chance to win professional marketing material valued at £12,000. The giveaway is set to help up to a dozen worthy causes broadcast their message, attract new donors, and reward those who are already supporting them.

Any charity can enter – they simply have to be based in the region. Entries are free and require a brief description of the organisation’s role in supporting a chosen ideology, in addition to any ideas surrounding video/photo needs. The production team will then select 12 winners and commit to delivering high-quality visuals over 2018.

Bringing stories to the fore

Content may take any form desired within HSQ’s set of services. Examples include interviews, event highlights, web photography and short explainer films. Overall, these projects will broaden the exposure and narrative techniques of whoever takes the top prize, making it easier for the charity to engage with prospective and existing donors.

Adam Smith, founder of HSQ Productions, is adamant on the beneficial influence of video marketing for non-profit groups: “. Our aim is to cast light on stories that need a vivid image to expand their audience and, likewise, their economic resources. Empathic tales of triumph over adversity are very hard to ignore.”

“Under the skin of any charitable organisation, there is strife, joy, hard work, and an emotional gravity that can make would-be donors consider what they have – as well as what others are lacking – providing these values are well-communicated.”

The value of visual content

We believe that powerful visuals can display the real, human value of whoever or whatever receives a donation. Videos are excellent at bringing viewers into the reality of a situation. They can form a nexus of your website, fortify the strength of an email campaign, or bring followers up to speed on social media. High-resolution photographs, meanwhile, are a testament to the lives and communities changed through charitable work.

A perfect example can be found in the content that HSQ produced for the RNLI’s (Royal National Lifeboat Institute) Yellow Wellies campaign in 2017. Adam counts this as one of his most rewarding projects so far: “We took great care with our composition, and everyone involved was fantastic. There were 9-year-olds and octogenarians in, quite literally, the same boat in terms of what they believed in. It was a heart-warming experience.”

Charities can register for the competition here from the 15th January. For more information or press enquiries, email adam@hsqproductions.com

Planning Your Event Calendar For 2018? Don’t Forget Video

Whatever business you’re in, there’s always an excuse to bring clients, peers and Joe Public together for a showcase event. Some of you may run several of these over the year. Plans may already be in motion for 2018, either as an exhibitor or the company pulling the strings.

If so, have you added video marketing to that agenda? Recording the day – and cementing your place in it – will provide a trove of amazing material that can be brought to bear on all sorts of promotional work.

Here, we explain why video is an essential contribution to the success of your events…

Put viewers ‘in the moment’

The first and most obvious benefit of video is its immediacy. Even after a short clip, people can fall into the mood, sounds and vibrancy of whatever you’ve organised. The best events are milieu of images; delegates grinning from ear to ear whilst demonstrations happen on the sidelines, or an amazing speech is backlit in a conference hall. Why not capture them? It makes all that hard work worthwhile.

By watching your film material, it’s impossible to deny that the event does what it says on the tin i.e. presents ideas, provides a great backdrop for discussion, and (potentially) entertains the crowd with music or live acts.

Depict the scale of your accomplishments

Scene to scene, a marketing video can flit around every face of the event, immortalising its diversity. Time lapse videos, for instance, may start with an empty space that’s quickly filled with stands, furniture, people and buffet trays. The viewer can gaze at all of this momentum, which comes to life in a matter of seconds, and admire what you’re able to do.

Beyond time lapse photography, a production team can take snippets from each section of your event schedule, editing them to perfection. Want to focus on a networking session? Done. How about random interviews with attendees, getting their on-the-spot opinion? They’re easily stitched together. Whatever your plans, we can showcase them.

Re-use quality footage

Drumming up demand for another event, later in the year, can seem like climbing a mountain again… But video is the strongest primer for what’s to come, based on what you’ve already filmed.

Once more, we’d like to stress the power of visual stimuli for selling your concept. Attendees, performers and exhibitors will be eager to sign on for whatever else you’re cooking up, if they can observe how the previous event went down. This makes video an excellent tool to add to any campaign. Emails will get better click-through rates; your web pages will score higher on search engines; a homepage show reel, in all honesty, is just the thing that some people need for validation.

There are so many methods of using event video footage – we’d love to talk to you about them. HSQ Productions can be an accompanying light for that 2018 event strategy. We’ll show you how video marketing is a solid, beautiful extension of your promotional tactics. Get in touch for a conversation.

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Posted by Adam Smith.

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It’s good to introduce the world to those who work for your organisation. ‘Talking head’-style video packages will not only demonstrate the expertise of those who work for you; it also gives your brand a face and personality. Employees can talk about their background, role at the company, achievements, top tips for the industry and more.

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Short, punchy visuals have far more value than tedious videos stretched out over several minutes. Not only does a 60-second video offer a high-impact way to communicate your message or capture the essence of an event; it also means less shooting time – a welcome reduction in your video production budget.

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Video Production and Photography Case Study – Business Leaders in Manchester

Video Production and Photography Case Study – Business Leaders in Manchester

‘Business Leaders of Manchester’ is a partnership of 10 leading Manchester businesses and organisations who work in collaboration to pool knowledge, expertise and influence. Members include We Are Adam, Business Growth Hub, TunaFish Media, Huddled, JSA, Twine, Avensure, Capstone Financial Management, San-iT and OBi Property.

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