Affordable Alternatives To Animated Video Production

In our last blog, we considered why animated video can be flat, predictable, and at risk of patronising your audience. We also talked about the limiting impact of the cost and development process for animation. In short, it doesn’t always add up when compared to other types of video production.

So, what are those alternatives? Join us for an insight into some affordable formats that we love exploring with our clients:  


It’s good to introduce the world to those who work for your organisation. ‘Talking head’-style video packages will not only demonstrate the expertise of those who work for you; it also gives your brand a face and personality. Employees can talk about their background, role at the company, achievements, top tips for the industry and more.

With a two-camera setup, a pre-recorded interview can be arranged between the subject and another person – usually those asking the questions. These ‘ask me anything’ videos have proven particularly popular amongst our clients in 2017, and can provide a solid format for case studies too.

Event highlights

When your brand is at the centre of an event – either sponsoring, hosting or exhibiting – a video crew can take all sorts of approaches to recording the experience. Crowd scenes, quirky angles and one-to-one vox pops with speakers or delegates are the key to a filmed events package.

We can also create the shock of discovery with a tracking shot, taking the viewer through the doors and around every stand. Live-action film is the only way to properly surmise what happened, who was there, and what it means for a sector you’re passionate about.


Got a lot to say, and a whole swathe of cool subjects to draw on? The live action montage is the ultimate stake on making your business thrilling or tirelessly original. A film crew can record some amazing highlights over days, weeks or months, stitching them together for a full view of what you’ve accomplished and the values you represent.

HSQ Productions can mix various shots – overhead, POV, close-ups and more – to show the brightest memories from a brand’s history so far. Think of montages as a no-holds introduction to whatever makes an organisation special, and you’re halfway there.

Time lapse projects

Most companies like to show off their latest work on their website or social media channels. We’re fond of using time lapse photography to capture the energy that went into it. Naturally, viewers are drawn to things they would never normally see –  and that includes sped-up shots of human endeavour at its finest.

Racing construction crews; walls climbing higher; the swift tide of clouds rolling over a venue before they clear for starlight in the next 10 seconds…  there’s a sense of magic to time lapse videos, which we favour for big project showcases.

As animation keeps yelling for attention, it’s good to know what other, affordable options are available for video production. Take the initiative and tell HSQ productions what you want to achieve in the 2018. Together, we can harness live-action video to present your business in the best light without breaking the budget.

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Posted by Adam Smith.