Our Philosophy Pt. 5: C Is For… Communication

Maintaining a dialogue is an art form in itself. We truly believe that any conversation is worth the time, because it makes for a much better video. HSQ Productions have six Cs that we abide by, and ‘communication’ is one of them…

This trait encompasses all the others we strive towards for optimum video marketing. Join us as we talk about… well, talking to you, and ensuring you’re happy with the communication throughout our relationship.

When suits you?

Hectic schedules are very common – for both of us. Yet the video service must shape itself to your preferences, since it wouldn’t be much of a service otherwise.

The work is on your timescale. A production crew has to be conscious of when you’re busy, free, or conditionally tied up. What’s the point in saying “Alright, we’ll call at this point in the day” when your calendar never stays the same?

HSQ are flexible when it comes to reaching out. In the early stages of our partnership, we’ll gauge how you work, as well as the factors that may mean we can’t always get hold of you. Quickly, the two of us will establish the best times to catch each other. Our video team, however, will adjust to your priorities for complete clarity and a streamlined experience.

How should we speak?

A video production agency that knows what it’s doing can use a number of communication channels. HSQ can jump from medium to medium when we need to. Skype, WhatsApp, conference calls, Google Hangouts, or email – we’re adept at them all.

Let us learn how you prefer to be contacted during your video assignment. We can switch methods, if required, or clue more of your colleagues into the plan when the right time comes.

We speak your language when it comes to communication – ensuring we talk on a platform that’s familiar to you for the best possible results.

Do you want to be hands-on?

HSQ Productions are known across the North West for our ‘done in a day’ pledge – our promise that we’ll create and finalise a video in 24 hours, depending on what the project is. You may assume, with such a quick turnaround, that we bar clients from sitting in on the work.

But that isn’t true. We’ll invite you to the shoot, take comments as they come, and do what we can to adjust things on the fly. We know the benefits of close discussion and a great feedback loop on the end product.

HSQ will address every aim of your marketing strategy before we hit ‘record’. Then the comms continue throughout the project and beyond. If you invest in a retainer, we can see where top results have come from, and tweak subsequent videos so they follow their lead.

Contact us to gear up those initial communications… We’re here to realise your marketing aims, whatever they may be, and however you want them to look.