4 Ways To Make Video Marketing Work On A Tight Budget

Short, punchy visuals have far more value than tedious videos stretched out over several minutes. Not only does a 60-second video offer a high-impact way to communicate your message or capture the essence of an event; it also means less shooting time – a welcome reduction in your video production budget.

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Video Production and Photography Case Study – Business Leaders in Manchester

Video Production and Photography Case Study – Business Leaders in Manchester

‘Business Leaders of Manchester’ is a partnership of 10 leading Manchester businesses and organisations who work in collaboration to pool knowledge, expertise and influence. Members include We Are Adam, Business Growth Hub, TunaFish Media, Huddled, JSA, Twine, Avensure, Capstone Financial Management, San-iT and OBi Property.

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Video Production Jargon Busting: Time Matters

Businesses love it when people hang around their website, the longer the better. Websites are considered the digital shop window for many companies. Therefore, one of the most commonly tracked metrics of website engagement is time. Businesses that want a longer time spent on a website have an easy tool for making that happen – video. 

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Video Production Jargon Busting: Rise of Native Video Advertising

This week’s Video Production Jargon busting blog looks at why clients should focus their efforts on deploying native and video advertising.Advertising is changing at a rapid speed. With the rise of data centred creative campaigns and the internet, it is difficult not to get caught up with it. When businesses flocked to the internet and tried to increase their online presence, the more amazing opportunities they found.

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Video Production Jargon Busting: Creating a Strategy for Snackable Video

This week’s Video Production Jargon Busting blog looks at how we can create a strategy for so called ‘Snackable’ videos and then deploy them through various marketing channels. Every year people make a resolution to do more, change a particular habit and/or say they are going to get better a particular thing… Video content marketing is very much like exercise, many people say they are going to do it, but do they end up doing it? No. If you have pledged to have an awesome content strategy, then here we are to help you.

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Video Production Jargon Busting: Incorporating Video Into Your Content Strategy

In this week’s Video Production Jargon Busting blog, we will be sharing with you three different forms of video content and how you can use them to share your message. We encourage you to experiment with these formats to help your business stand out from the crowd, drive engagements and increase sales. 

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Video Production Jargon Busting: Promoting Your Video

If you have a business video, look into using it for social media. Don’t be shy in using it in your posts. These days, every social network supports video uploads that play within user’s feeds, like Twitter and Facebook. For many of our clients that means creating one corporate video and splashing it everywhere.

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Behind the Scenes: Balmoral Castle with the RNLI


20 Scottish pipers in Kilts at the Queens Summer castle – Balmoral for a Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI) press shoot. Now imagine me directing them. It was quite a challenge; people of all ages formed the Ballater and District Pipers Band. And what a sight it was. So much so, that we even had a small crowd watching the proceedings.

We had a limited number of RNLI branded yellow wellies and we needed to get as many pipers wearing them. I got everyone lined up in height order at the beginning of the shoot before then assigning each one a number (1 or 2). This was done in preparation for the V formation shot where 1’s would stand on the right and 2’s stand on the left. 




RNLI Balmoral (1 of 3).jpg

After they had put on their wellies, it was time for some warm up activities, which included marching round the grounds of Balmoral to the sound of banging drums.



Once they had warmed up and gotten into the spirit of the shoot, I then needed to get them into a V formation. This was to emphasis the yellow wellies, make sure that we could get as many of them in the shoot as possible and frame Balmoral Castle in the background.



The V formation works because your eyes naturally scan an image from left to right. There were 20 sets of branded yellow wellies in the shot. We used the pipe bands drum to form the point in the V.


After getting the V shot, I then proceeded to find some other creative angles to pair up the iconic yellow wellies and the famous Scottish landmark.




Fortunately, the wind was working in my favour. It was great fun to work with the RNLI on in Scotland for their Mayday Fundraising campaign. The pictures have so far been featured on their news centre website and Press and Journal.


The Mayday fundraising campaign runs throughout May and aims to raise £750,000 to help kit out the charity’s brave volunteer lifeboat crews. Visit RNLI.org/Mayday to see how you can get involved.




Posted by Adam Smith.