Press play on a marketing refresh

We want to hear your ideas. More than that – we want to know where your business, charity or collective is heading.

HSQ Productions don’t ask for much before we get the ball rolling on your video campaign. But we do want to know who you are, and what makes your brand special. Once we’re clued up on the basics, the project can begin and we can start getting the results you need.

Our contact criteria

Before you reach out to us, we ask for:

  • Any central ideas you’re hoping to approach

  • Your budget, with minimum and maximum spends

  • The timeframe – so we can plan the shoot and work out delivery

  • Where the filming process could take place

  • The reason you’re interested in video and/or photography for the project

  • The platforms you’ll use for the final content.

Don’t worry if some of these points haven’t been decided yet, our video experts can chat you through them.

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