High Speed Quality Video and Photography Productions

Who do we work with?

We work with businesses and organisations who have a desire to be time efficient, want rapid expansion and require high quality video and photography. 

A display of our video production creativity at night.

Why do we Work with these Organisations?

We spotted a gap in the market for 'Done in a Day' video and photography after our research showed us that lead times for video and photography can take up to 6 months. What must that be like for the client and other projects they have going on that demand their attention? It is our firm belief that if we reduce the project lead time, then it will mean our clients spend less time away from anything else they have going on, which can ultimately result in them focusing on making money. For a marketing agency that might mean being able to do more pitches and spend more time with their clients, conversely for a freelancer that could mean less time spent away from their core activities. 

How does the Magic Happen?


We take your idea, action the plan that we have agreed and then give it back for you to own. 


To make sure you get a top notch business video and/or photography, we plan the shoot, make sure that you are happy with the shot list, scripts, location etc etc. This takes place before the 'Done in a Day' production day. Once agreed we will then commence the production. On the day we will shoot and then edit your video with you, the client by our side. This is done to ensure that you get everything you desired. It means that at the end of the day you can go away feeling as though you have achieved your goal and have something to show for it. 

So your interested in what we do, here is how to approach us. 

If you have a business video or photography project that you would like our help on, please drop Adam Smith an email (adam@hsqproductions.com) with some details about what you want. He will then organise a phone call and then a meeting to make sure that we are the right supplier for your needs. 

You Think it, We Do it, You Own it