HSQ – About Us

High-speed, low-stress video production

Our founder Adam Smith has always been fascinated by film. Or any stories, really – his background in journalism and field reporting led him towards corporate video production.

Adam saw a gap in the market for videos that didn’t take weeks or months to go from the planning stages to delivery. He built a team who shared his goal for making quality corporate video simple, accessible and stress-free: HSQ Productions was born.

Our ‘Done In A Day’ philosophy

Video must be responsive. It has to hold a mirror to the latest trends, and pioneer new ones, instead of trailing those at the head of the crowd. At the same time, it can’t be the produce of endless deliberation: every business has a budget and schedule to stick to.

That’s where the ‘Done In A Day’ philosophy comes from. That’s why we pour our energy into a convenient promise that you will have what you want, when you want it, at no loss to the film’s quality.

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What we represent

-          HSQ are big believers in simplicity. This applies to our conversations with you, and how we walk you through the production blueprint.

-          There are no vague guarantees. Just give us the signal; after the prep stage, we’ll start work on a video that’s ready for use in as little as 24 hours.  

-          Before we turn up to the location, we’ll have the whole thing organised from camera placement to script adjustments. Everyone will know what to do. That ensures no minute is wasted and no stress arises on the day of the shoot. 

-          We’re inclusive. HSQ Productions invite clients into the editing room, so you can see us stitch up the end product, giving comments along the way.

Whatever the scope of your request, we’ll uncover what’s best, at all times focusing on a convenient, no stress solution.

Help us put your organisation in the frame of success! Start the conversation today by emailing adam@hsqproductions.com.