Why Video?

Getting across your brand’s unique story

We’ve never been more aware of brands than we are now. But the ones that really stand out are relatable, interesting and unique, and follow a narrative we can easily understand. Video marketing can bring these qualities to your organisation.

Videos are a moving symbol of your brand and all it represents. They can inform, dazzle and tell us something new, all at once. It makes for a powerful engagement tool that never stops pulling more people into your story.

The best marketing medium

Most of the stats speak for themselves. Wherever we turn, video click rates are getting higher as it becomes the internet’s dominant form of storytelling.

It’s easy to see the reason for this. Single images are good, but moving images feel alive and more relatable. They can be glossy, fun, surprising or strictly professional. In either case, they show your brand in action wherever it’s used.

From social media and your website to presentations and trade shows, there are very few places a video can’t go to prove why you’re so good at what you do.

Unbeatable affordable quality

Marketing funds are precious. Video is a medium that really pays off, thanks to its reach and immediate impact. This places it at the top of your agenda, regardless of whether you’re a growing business or an established brand.

Premier video services such as HSQ Productions can stretch those funds as far as they can go. We never waste a penny of your budget in the chase for something bespoke and creative. What’s more, we learn your broader marketing aims – making video the heart of a message that achieves your objectives.

If you have any questions on how we work, what we provide, and the possibilities you can look forward to when you make videos with us, email adam@hsqproductions.com.