Our Philosophy Pt. 4: C Is For… Commitment

When you invest in video production, you’re paying for more than skills and creativity. Without being attentive to budget, timeframes and objectives, both of those qualities are meaningless. That’s why HSQ Productions place ‘commitment’ in our Agency Charter, as part of the six Cs that tell clients what they can expect from working with us.

With each assignment, we’re determined to create video that meets or even exceeds your expectations. Here’s what we mean by ‘commitment’:

Timing is key

Haphazard schedules are no one’s friend. A video can’t reach completion any time we choose it to. Often, the rest of your marketing strategy relies on its punctual delivery.

When we agree to a date, we know that we can achieve it. HSQ are renowned for our ‘done in a day’ pledge, which is exactly how it sounds: an ability to film, edit and finalise a video within 24 hours. That’s a far cry from the several-week deadlines other agencies propose.

We combine this effort with a clear, honest appraisal of what you’re trying to achieve through your promotional tactics. Our expertise can pinpoint where, when and how a video will reach the highest number of people, and delivering on time is crucial to maximising the effectiveness of your campaigns.

The work can’t overrun needlessly

We’re not one of those sluggish, huffing video crews – the kind full of empty promises – who tell you they’re near the end of a project, but really are scrambling for more excuses as they find they’ve taken too much on.

That’s everything we stand against. HSQ operate on a very selective basis (which is how the ‘done in a day’ promise is made possible). Essentially we take on and complete one project, then another, and so on… Unless we have absolute faith that we can perform multiple, smaller jobs at the same time.

This allows us to pay close attention to detail; we never have to rush a project to give ourselves more breathing room. Many agencies buckle under the pressure of saying “yes” to everything all of the time, and their work can suffer for it.

Doing the best with the freedom you give us

Have you read any of our other posts around the six Cs? Our list of capabilities show our belief in constant improvement and learning, as well as ensuring that we’re up to your video task – whatever it may be.

It’s important to have a team that’s sound, savvy and bursting with creativity. But all of that reverts back to staying cost-effective. Committing to a financial plan ensures we never extend beyond a tight budget or impact on your ROI.

That’s why we build retainer agreements with our customers: they map an agreed road to a solution, as opposed to filming a single video when needed. We can craft a one-off video though, if you prefer, and the same principles apply.

Keen to discover more about our commitment to quality video production? Take a look at our greatest hits before contacting the HSQ team today.