Bronze, Silver or Gold? A Smarter Alternative To Video Packages

Are you looking for a video production service? It’s likely to come in a package from most agencies. Gold, Silver, Bronze… these are the labels used by companies that claim they know your brand from the off, and don’t need to be flexible.

At HSQ Productions, however, we prefer a more personal approach: bespoke retainers. Never mind Gold – they are the Platinum option for every client, regardless of budget or requirements. And, with a team like ours, they’re affordable too…

Today we’re examining why a tailored package is a stronger investment.

Bespoke agreements include exactly what you want

Sure, off-the-shelf packages offer something different to one another – they claim to scale with your business, giving it the perfect spread of video marketing resources. But is this true? Is the jump between the offerings a bit too steep?

For instance, you could be paying for a list of Bronze features that give you a single video a month along with ‘bites’ for your social media channels. However, you might want a bit more: perhaps two sizeable videos and three extra films for social content. Yet the Silver package offers three main pieces of content, and a half-dozen additional videos. That’s more than you need.

Too bad though – you are locked into a higher payment that doesn’t reflect the return on investment you’re budgeting for. Packages presume to mirror the state of your business, whereas a tailored service builds everything from scratch and prices the full deal on what the effort and time is actually worth.

Carbon copies leave little room for creativity

Any video company with a package system is saying one thing above all: “We have designed the absolute best way of doings things. It is rigid. It is prescriptive. You should trust in our judgement!”

In our eyes, that’s a massive red flag waving towards a lack of creative insight. How can a passionate videographer insist that a technique or style they’ve come to adopt is the only route to be taken? Their video strategy could be several years out of date. We have to move with the changing trends, or be left in the dust by those leading the industry forward.

There’s a good chance that the same template mentality will feed over into the content itself. When video relies on an inventive mind behind the lens, you should be wary of a package that sticks to the same format over and over again.

Speak to a team of video experts, such as HSQ Productions, who can help achieve your marketing aims with a bespoke service. Take a look at our showreel and contact us for a tailored promotional contract – wherever you are in the UK.