Our Philosophy Pt. 6: C Is For… Collaboration

Have you been reading our previous blogs in this series? They’re all about the traits a video production agency should have if they want to be a star service. Our six Cs... The characteristics that make your marketing all the more memorable. 

HSQ Productions have, at last, come to the final C of the bunch: ‘collaboration’. For us, client input is essential. Here’s why it’s something you should always look for in a video hire.

Your team has their own stance on the project

Many of the organisations we serve have specific roles for who does what every day. We believe the larger group only functions well if such parts move and interchange as they’re meant to.

Directors and marketers work together for a promotional plan that makes sense within their wider business goals – including who to target and which channels they should use. Salespeople focus on the commercial element. Graphics experts may have a say in how the brand looks. Without some or any of these qualities, your business might struggle. So why should a video crew work outside of them? After all, the ideal video is a perfect representation of the client – without tapping into your knowledge and experience, it can’t be a success.

HSQ don’t like to hide ourselves away in a dark room, only emerging when the video’s complete. There’s no sense in excluding ourselves from the advice or insight that’ll make the video better. We want to speak to everyone who cares about the result. Before and during the shooting stage, HSQ will learn from those we talk to, building an image of the business that gets clearer with each opinion we’re given. To do anything less is arrogant.

Outside parties may also influence the final result

Saying that, however, we’re also used to dealing with clients whose business isn’t yet at the same level. Sometimes it’s just us and a handful of people – the director, for example, and their closest employees.

So there’s every chance you’re working with other third-party services to fill a requirement. That’s fine. We’re more than ready to link up with them, share our expertise, and take some of our cues from whatever they do.

This is where regular meetings become essential, as a space for everyone concerned to explore ideas and discuss the campaign. Again, the more facts and impressions we have, the finer the video will turn out.

Let us show you that passion in motion... Our past video projects are a good place to start; we’re really proud of the collaborative aspects, which you can quiz us over if you get in touch.