Social Media Video

Bite-sized content made for sharing

Creating a buzz means giving people something to talk about. Nothing does that better than video marketing. It gives customers a view of your products or services in a format they can easily and quickly absorb.

Your online presence will thrive on social media video for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and other popular platforms. HSQ Productions can craft content that gets you noticed, increasing your number of followers and deepening engagement with your brand.

What makes social media video special?

Every business needs a social presence. It’s a great way to build brand awareness. Yet words and still images aren’t enough… Today’s audience appreciates short, stimulating footage that cuts to the heart of who you are. This can inform, entertain, shock or explain an idea – but it should never be forgettable.

Social video can spread far quicker than traditional content, at a fraction of the cost. When matched with your broader campaign, the results can be astounding. HSQ work with you to ascertain what will suit each of your primary social media accounts, and produce quality content that achieves your marketing aims.

Whether it takes the form of an interview, professional stunt or a glimpse behind the scenes, we’ll make the final result ready for the centre of a conversation.


How we construct the perfect social video

Our service packages are flexible. Social content can be edited down into short ‘bites’ from a longer video or filmed independently – the choice is yours.

The style, length and script will be tailored to stand out in a social feed. It will be snappy and well made, prepped in advance for a no-stress approach. That’s how we’re able to give you the finished product in as little as 24 hours.  

Got a concept worth sharing? Ask for our advice, or arrange a consultation by emailing