HSQ Pledges £12,000 Worth Of Video & Photography To North West Charities

From the 15th January, HSQ Productions are offering North West charity organisations the chance to win professional marketing material valued at £12,000. The giveaway is set to help up to a dozen worthy causes broadcast their message, attract new donors, and reward those who are already supporting them.

Any charity can enter – they simply have to be based in the region. Entries are free and require a brief description of the organisation’s role in supporting a chosen ideology, in addition to any ideas surrounding video/photo needs. The production team will then select 12 winners and commit to delivering high-quality visuals over 2018.

Bringing stories to the fore

Content may take any form desired within HSQ’s set of services. Examples include interviews, event highlights, web photography and short explainer films. Overall, these projects will broaden the exposure and narrative techniques of whoever takes the top prize, making it easier for the charity to engage with prospective and existing donors.

Adam Smith, founder of HSQ Productions, is adamant on the beneficial influence of video marketing for non-profit groups: “. Our aim is to cast light on stories that need a vivid image to expand their audience and, likewise, their economic resources. Empathic tales of triumph over adversity are very hard to ignore.”

“Under the skin of any charitable organisation, there is strife, joy, hard work, and an emotional gravity that can make would-be donors consider what they have – as well as what others are lacking – providing these values are well-communicated.”

The value of visual content

We believe that powerful visuals can display the real, human value of whoever or whatever receives a donation. Videos are excellent at bringing viewers into the reality of a situation. They can form a nexus of your website, fortify the strength of an email campaign, or bring followers up to speed on social media. High-resolution photographs, meanwhile, are a testament to the lives and communities changed through charitable work.

A perfect example can be found in the content that HSQ produced for the RNLI’s (Royal National Lifeboat Institute) Yellow Wellies campaign in 2017. Adam counts this as one of his most rewarding projects so far: “We took great care with our composition, and everyone involved was fantastic. There were 9-year-olds and octogenarians in, quite literally, the same boat in terms of what they believed in. It was a heart-warming experience.”

Charities can register for the competition here from the 15th January. For more information or press enquiries, email

Video Production Jargon Busting: Incorporating Video Into Your Content Strategy

In this week’s Video Production Jargon Busting blog, we will be sharing with you three different forms of video content and how you can use them to share your message. We encourage you to experiment with these formats to help your business stand out from the crowd, drive engagements and increase sales. 

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Tasty Tuesday – When do you need to hire a marketing company?

In simple terms in order to have a fully functioning, profitable business you need to have a marketing strategy, even if that means hiring a marketing company to do the work for you. 

Marketing works to sell the business’s products and services. Furthermore, if you want to have more sales you should think about increasing your marketing budget, as it focuses on customers, both existing and potential. 

If you are considering using paid advertisement such as Adwords, Twitter + Facebook ads and finally TV spots, then you will want an experienced company which can look after your investment. This can help you get a better rate of return on your investment. No matter how large or small a budget, you will want the best in order to maximise your potential. 

Finally, you should hire a marketing company at the beginning of a campaign. This way they can advise you on how you should spend your budget and develop your marketing message. The best way to put it is you need a marketing company first thing on a Monday morning, not on a Friday afternoon. 

Posted by Adam Smith.

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First Viral Video

We worked with Tim Scott from Acer Studios to create an official music video for his new single chasing sunrise. 

Little did we know just how quickly it would go on to be a viral video. Within 2 days the video had over 2000 impressions on Facebook. 100’s of likes, 32 shares and counting. 

How did we do that? 

We teased the new video on our social media channels, using screen shots with captions through-out the process. Our aim was to show that the video we had created was high quality, this was done by talking about the post production process (editing, colour correction and colour grading). 

As we pride ourselves on producing cinematic video content, we wanted to market it in a similar way to a new blockbuster movie or TV series. This meant we could carefully build anticipation to the new release. 

If you want to release a video with a bang! Drop us a line. 

Posted by Adam Smith.