Our Philosophy Pt. 3: C Is For… Creativity

A brand video can be surprising, artistic and enlightening all at once.

You might be trying to clarify what you sell, or show off your friendly team members and explain what they do. In the quest for a video that rivals the best in the business, the production crew have to achieve your objectives – but they should also do it creatively.

Why’s that important? Well, because an original and engaging video is one of the most valuable resources you can have, and it’s part of HSQ Production’s core principles. Let us explain what we mean:

The result is something people want to see

Think of a film or television show – one of your favourites. Why do you like it so much? Is it the writing, acting, lighting or direction? It’s probably a bit of everything: the most memorable visual stories treat all of those elements with the same care. We may not notice each of them as we watch, but they all add up to create an experience in which we feel a connection to what’s happening on screen.

Video marketing operates on the same principle. Sure, it’s a commercial product, yet there’s still a story to work out. Creative videographers have a big imagination; they see where they can make your brand’s personality flourish, within your preferred timescale and budget.

A sense of humour. Attention to detail. Great scriptwriting. A bit of creativity turns a standard video into one that you can’t take your eyes off.

Top-class technical ability

Video experts are restless, always looking for the next development in the industry. Creative people don’t like to be overtaken – innovation is in their blood.

The finest creative video teams will be ahead in terms of lenses, sound design and camera setup. They will always select the best tools for the job, from an arsenal that can deliver amazing returns on investment.

It’s not just a matter of sticking something in the frame and yelling ‘action!’. A top-class production team knows truly fantastic work requires a lot more than that. Within your concept and with your approval, they might even take a left-field approach to ensure your brand ends up leading the pack, instead of picking up crumbs from others in the industry.

Creativity makes up an essential, and significant, part of our own values. Once brought on-side, HSQ Productions will never take a laissez-faire stance when filming something spectacular for your brand or organisation. Talk to us or see what we’ve done in the past for proof.