How To Blow Your Video Production Budget

As we make headway into 2018, many businesses are approaching another New Year – a financial one. In the run-up to the year-end, you may find that you have leftover budget on your hands, which would be a shame to waste when you’ve already set aside these funds for marketing….

So, how can we splash that cash, while reaping the rewards for our creativity? Simple – use it to produce some engaging professional videos. This is giving you carte blanche approval to experiment with what a marketing video can be.

As a nudge in the right direction, here are some thoughts for blowing the last of your video production budget.

Add to your showreel 

When visitors hit your homepage, they may already find a compilation of your best moments so far. But showreels don’t have to end after their first iteration. You can add to them over time, splicing original footage alongside the new, or make a whole other showcase film altogether.

Sample a couple of other techniques such as time lapse, aerial shots and cross-fades. Colour saturation can give an artistic edge that fits the brand. Remember, you can afford to play with various ways of realising your concept, so explore a couple of options with your video production team.

Build an explainer video series

Most products and services carry a small learning curve. Do your customers know the ins, outs and benefits of the things you’re selling? An explainer video can cross huge distances in bringing people closer to a purchase. What’s more, you can adapt them for different platforms (YouTube, social media, a landing page) just by editing the content.

A series of explainer videos are a great way to make use of leftover budget, helping you overcome business challenges through illustrative content. These can present the whole consumer journey on a plate – one can link to the next via a web button or in-video link.

Film a business ‘stunt’

Another exciting form of engagement can wear the face of an event – something related, however partially, to your brand. This may be a flash mob, away day, physical challenge, travelling roadshow or charity fundraiser; whatever helps your message hit home in a fun, inspiring way.

By filming the event, you’ll expand your audience and commemorate a memorable milestone in the business. The same can be done for an inter-office challenge too i.e. a task that raises awareness of what you’re doing in an industry, undertaken by key colleagues.

Produce a brand video  

Businesses need to be able to hook their audience’s attention from the off. A statement of “This is us; this is who we are” ushers people into the problems you’re solving, why they matter, and how the work is actually done.

This makes a brand video an essential investment – why not filter your funds into making it as good as possible? Quality lighting, talking-head interviews, smart editing and more can launch your introductory video ahead of the pack.

So don’t lose that extra pile of cash before your next budget is firmed up. With a service like HSQ Productions on-board, you can play with suggestions that will help you blow leftover funds in a way that will have a lasting impact. Speak to the team for more information.