Creative Agencies Vs. Video Agencies

Many businesses reach a crossroads when they decide to rope in extra support for their marketing: “Should I go for a specialised video service, or throw it in with an agency package?”

If you ask us, there’s a clear answer. HSQ Productions can do so much more with your money, and ensure you absolutely love the results. From our perspective, you should never pass an artistic brief to those who see it as a bolt-on instead of the main event.

Here’s why a standard agency approach to video just doesn’t work as well…

Appearances can be deceiving

One of the main arguments for including video in an agency deal is, quite understandably, that it’s part of the broader view of what you want. The theory goes that agencies will think of the bigger picture, and glue your strategy together. From web design to blogs, emails and branding exercises, you may assume that it’s all tightened up without any fault lines.

But a dedicated video producer isn’t going to head blindly into their role – at least, not if they’re worth hiring. There’s no reason why they can’t uncover the same depth about your objectives, who you are, and what the business values above all else.

Adam and the team at HSQ, for example, always spend time getting under the skin of your brand. That means we plan visual content around the same requirements – except with a keener eye for detail.

You need an expert for top-class films

Creative agencies are useful because they’re very diverse. In one building, they may have a designer, coder, marketing guru, account manager and IT specialist – or share these roles between them.

What does this mean? In short, there’s no certainty you’re getting an expert for every service. Unless they have a dedicated videographer with a clear passion for what they do, they aren’t likely to break out the finest techniques for your film schedule.

For your content to be as good as it could be, you need a specialist. Take HSQ Productions: we have extensive skills in capturing crowds, events, interviews and behind-the-scenes material in so many interesting ways. Colour, editing and mise-en-scène are our lifeblood. That makes for a brilliant set of content to use for your marketing campaigns.

Unfortunately, agencies can overcharge

Big agencies, in particular, come with a price tag not everyone can afford. But a modestly sized team – like HSQ Productions – will not. We want to stay competitive in our field. With less overheads to cover, and a sharper focus on time spent for your work, you’ll save a lot of money.

What’s more, there’s no need to be passed like a hot potato through an agency ladder. We only have a select few, skilled professionals in our business. You’ll be able to have a direct conversation with the person responsible for the content, instead of playing Chinese whispers. 

Thinking of outsourcing to a video agency, like ours? Have a chat with us to run through the other benefits of an HSQ Productions hire. We provide star value without the hefty invoice…

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