An Intro To The 6 Cs Of Video Production

HSQ Productions have our own way of creating something special. We call them our six Cs, which stand for the values we uphold on every video shoot. Before and after, too – the whole client management process falls back to a capital C, when it’s relevant.

But we don’t think we should be the only team that sticks to them… Every agency, whatever the size, could benefit from the same philosophy. And if clients approach outsourcing with the same values in mind, everything is bound to go smoothly.

Join us as we introduce this core of HSQ’s business creed, for inspiration and confidence in what you should look for.

1. Capability

First off, a video service must be able to shoulder the work it has agreed to. Smiling and nodding at every request isn’t feasible. What if the workload is too much, buckling the team when it should be flying on the energy of your shooting schedule? Capability is key. We can’t overstate how vital it is to a product worth paying for.

2. Cost-effectiveness

Video production can vary wildly in price, depending on what you ask for. That’s why you should consider whether an agency is ‘cost-effective’ rather than cheap. Value matters: at HSQ, we strive to remain cost-effective, and always bear your wider marketing aims in mind. By identifying your min/max budget, we can tell you how to get the best return on your investment.

3. Creativity

Creativity is hard to qualify, beyond the results it garners, but you can just tell when someone is brimming with ideas. Not all of them may work, first time around. Wisdom teaches us how to make creative thoughts achievable. Yet in the end, an imaginative videographer should bring something of themselves to the task: a style, preference or aesthetic that doesn’t merely follow in the steps of other agencies.

4. Commitment

Stamina is essential. Without it, a video production agency might make a great start on what you want, but fall at the final hurdle. We can even consider this on a per-project basis, when promises have to be kept for a seamless shoot, edit and hand-over. Video crews must be a committed prospect. If they’re a main player in your marketing strategy, they cannot let the guarantee falter. HSQ’s 24-hour delivery timeframe is one example where actions earn trust through repetition.

5. Communication

Supporting all of the above is a willingness to talk. We never keep our mouths shut if there’s something you need to know, or if a stage of the project has been completed. Email, phone and face-to-face contact is the lifeblood of a firm relationship. Companies that ask for your opinion, as often as they can, are likelier to meet or exceed expectations.

6. Collaboration

We have to definitions for this – the ability to work with your internal team, or possibly other external parties. Whatever the case, we are more than comfortable working alongside other contributors to the marketing mix to ensure everyone is singing from the same hymn sheet. Video content must fit within broader promotional tactics, which makes close collaboration crucial.

We can’t say which C is the prime directive, since they’re all important and, in many ways, reliant on each other. We’ll be speaking about the six Cs in more detail soon enough. Until then, call HSQ for a chat about anything you’ve read here, or look to our portfolio for a view of these values in action.

Lets us know in the comments section below what you think about our 6 C's.