Our Philosophy: C Is For… Capability

Did you manage to read our introduction to the six Cs of HSQ Productions? If not, that’s fine; we’ll give you a refresher on what we mean.

When we began life as a video production agency, Adam Smith and the rest of the team thought about the intrinsic promises our clients could look forward to. The six Cs are the answer – a cluster of ideologies, all hewn towards the beliefs we share for what we can do and how a business may trust us.

Your marketing aims, for instance, will need a Capable service: the very first C on the list. Here’s a closer examination of what that entails…

Know the tricks of the trade

Not everyone can master videography, or even be particularly good at it. Shooting film takes years of training and practice to get right; particularly when the yardstick keeps moving higher, as more brands warm to the possibilities of video content.

Success breeds innovation. And innovation means that more people are trying new things. If a video production crew can’t capably film your story (i.e. produce it to a standard that walks over your competitors, who aren’t paying as much attention) they will fall flat, along with your promotional power. But they also can’t rely on the same old methods to do so. Angles, composition, lenses and camera choices are an evolving set of tools and techniques. A production hire must be aware of what’s hot on the video scene, otherwise you will appear stale, by extension.  

Your organisation wants to be the best. Therefore, it has to look the best, and that relies on a capable team that knows what it’s doing.

Never pile the workload too thickly

Aside from the nuts and bolts of contemporary video skills, it’s important to realise that the crew – by all accounts – can take on what you’ve asked. Saying “yes” to everything just isn’t feasible. It’ll distract from a focused assignment, which yields the results you want.

HSQ are very careful to measure out what we’re able to film, edit and package in the time we’ve agreed to. By sticking to a select few projects, there’s no risk of missing the mark when we prepare for something. You’re assured that we won’t spread ourselves thinly, or press the ‘hold’ button whilst other enquiries take precedence. That seems like the fair and logical standpoint… But we know that other agencies don’t do this. They will keep taking more work on, even when they are at 100% capacity.

An HSQ booking, however, equates to a secure, focused video service that doesn’t juggle you with other clientele. Can you see now why our Cs are so useful to pick up on? They are a working philosophy that hasn’t let us down so far. And really, they exemplify what our brand means for yours. Speak to Adam or his colleagues for more information; alternatively, head to our Greatest Hits page, where you’ll view bright spots in HSQ’s professional roster.