Have You Got Any Video Production Planned For January? 

The approach of the New Year fills us with fresh ideas. But to really hit the ground running come January, it pays to get a headstart on turning concepts into marketing collateral, especially when it comes to video.

So if you haven’t planned any video production for January, what’s stopping you? Today we’d like to pick apart the perks of investing in a professional video – one that’s ready for release in the first month of the year.

Capitalise on Trends Before They Cool Off

The close of one year always brings predictions for key trends that will shape the next . By acting on these insights at the beginning of 2018, you’re pipping others to the post, leaving them trailing in the wake of your inventive displays.

From live streams and 360-degree shots to video that’s primed for social channels, there’s a host of great ideas to explore, and we’ve always got one eye on the latest developments. Trust us: in the realm of video, it pays to be pre-emptive. Trends change so quickly that you need to capitalise on their potential whilst they’re still unique and offbeat.

Creative Ideas Are at the Forefront of Your Mind

At HSQ Productions, we work closely with the client during the filming process. This ensures that we capture the essence of your ideas, while giving you a glimpse at the evolving nature of the product you’ve commissioned. Our behind-the-scenes approach let your imagination spark to life as the video is coming together.

January, for many, is a period of rejuvenation. We feel energised and bristling with excitement. Such a mindset gives plenty of food for thought when discussing video concepts alongside the production team. Use this creative momentum whilst you have it. More ideas can only make the product better, even if they’re unfeasible at a distance.

There’s Scope to Use Any Left-Over Budget

Chances are that, come January, you’ll be nearing the end of your company’s financial year. And there may be a surprise waiting for you – some of the marketing budget, carefully ascribed in 2017, hasn’t been spent. Since video is incredibly cost-effective for the impact it can generate, you can put this surplus cash to work in any form that appeals to you.

Whether it’s an ‘ask me anything’ interview with a member of your team, a project time lapse or any number of explainers and showcases for the website, there’s always something to consider with those remaining funds.

Want to explore these ideas in more detail? Give us a call to book ahead for a January shoot. HSQ will film, edit and deliver in a matter of days, meaning you’ll waste no time in getting your marketing plan underway.

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Posted by Adam Smith.