Example approach to business video production

This is an outline of how HSQ Productions would produce your video and is subject to change in accordance with client requirements.

1.         Initial discussion about proposal

                  a.        What changes would the client like to make.

2.        Agreement of proposal

3.       Pre-production     

                  a.        Storyboard/shot details

                                                               i.      Discussion about shot details

                                                              ii.      Amendments to shot list.

                 b.        Script

                                                               i.      Discussion about script

                                                              ii.      Amendments to script

                 c.        Agree production dates

                 d.        Organise crew, equipment and studio time.

4.       Production

                 a.        Set-up

                 b.        1-2 days shooting (talent, crew and client representative to be present at studio location).

                 c.        Pack down

5.       Post-production

                 a.        Editing

                                                               i.      Footage ingest

                                                              ii.      1st edit

                                                            iii.      Client review

                                                            iv.      2nd edit

                                                              v.      Client agrees sequence of pictures

                 b.        Colour correction/grading – adding the cinematic touch

                                                               i.      1st grade

                                                              ii.      Client review

                                                            iii.      2nd grade

                                                            iv.      Client approved

                 c.        Video rendered

                 d.        Video delivered via online file delivery service. (Either Amazon AWS, Google Drive or WeTransfer)

6.       Delivery of video