Video Production Jargon Buster: Why video?

Business video production is in its essence a way to communicate a company’s marketing message to their target market.

We’ve been asked by businesses why they should use video. Our response has depended on their need and desire.

Here are three reasons why companies should be using video in their marketing communications:

1.       It allows them to have a personalised approach. If your video speaks directly to your target market and addresses their needs/wants/desires, you are more likely to gain traction with them when trying to sell your product or service. This is important for companies which want to increase their sales. Video production can be tailored to meet the personalised needs of the client and their target market.

2.       Brand awareness it a key factor when asking yourself whether your company needs a video (or two). As a tool to raise brand awareness, video is powerful because it can be deployed effectively across multiple distribution channels. It can also be boosted through the use of paid advertising (pay-per-click, sponsored tweets and posts) to increase the reach of the video and further raise brand awareness.

3.       Increase in brand engagement. Employing video production in your communications mix can increase brand engagement. This is because your target market has something to interact with. Higher brand engagement is more likely to increase the recall value of your brand. Therefore, when your clients are ready to make a purchasing decision they are more likely to select yours over others.

When looking at the importance of high quality video production the above reasons should be note as to why you should get a video made. Why would you want to miss out on increasing the level of sales and brand awareness if it leads to a greater level of revenue?

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