First Viral Video

We worked with Tim Scott from Acer Studios to create an official music video for his new single chasing sunrise. 

Little did we know just how quickly it would go on to be a viral video. Within 2 days the video had over 2000 impressions on Facebook. 100’s of likes, 32 shares and counting. 

How did we do that? 

We teased the new video on our social media channels, using screen shots with captions through-out the process. Our aim was to show that the video we had created was high quality, this was done by talking about the post production process (editing, colour correction and colour grading). 

As we pride ourselves on producing cinematic video content, we wanted to market it in a similar way to a new blockbuster movie or TV series. This meant we could carefully build anticipation to the new release. 

If you want to release a video with a bang! Drop us a line. 

Posted by Adam Smith.