Video Production: Storyboard Stage

This is the all-important part were we design each and every shot we want for the video. 
The more information the storyboard has, the less time is wasted when shooting and editing the video. 

Information can include pictures of the location to see where natural light is entering the scene. If there is not enough light, then artificial light will be needed in order to boost the amount of light on the scene. 

Pictures of the location also help to design each shot by helping to determine what is in the scene and what is not. Is the scene unnecessarily cluttered causing the viewer to be distracted? Is the scene clean or is it dirty? Does it need to be dirty? Are the colours complimentary or do they clash? 

Storyboards also help determine the mood of each scene. Is it supposed to be bright and cheerful or dark and moody? 

It is also important to work out the timing and type of each shot within a scene. This helps the team know what they are supposed to do when they are shooting on location. 

A well planned shoot ultimately costs the client less than a disorganised shoot. A team that doesn’t know what the client wants may not give them what they wanted. This ultimately leads to an unsatisfied client. 

Planning is crucial for the ‘Done in a Day’ package, otherwise key times within the production schedule will not be met.  

Posted by Adam Smith.