Business Video Production: Cinematic Touch

Did you know that the world’s favourite colour is blue?

Why is that an important piece of information to know? Well if you want more people to like the video they are watching then it has to be colour graded blue. However not every shot demands a blue hue to it. 

Here are the meanings behind each colour:

Red – Intense, fire, blood, energy, danger, love, passionate and strong

Red Violet – Royalty, power, nobility, wealth, ambition, dignified, mysterious

Blue – Sky, sea, depth, stability, trust, masculine and tranquil.

Green – Nature, growth, fertility, freshness, healing, safety and money.

Yellow – Sunshine, joy, cheerfulness, intellect, energy and attention. 

Orange - Warm, stimulating, enthusiasm, happiness, success, creative and autumn. 

If we were to have a shot that has been given a blue hue to it on a warm autumn day, then the colour meaning would be mis-interpreted. 

When giving it that cinematic touch, one has to be aware of colour theory, chiefly what colour compliments another. 

If we take a look a colour wheel, then we will see that blue and orange complement each other. Most cinematic productions grade each shot either blue or orange. That way there are no clashes. 

 This is a red, green, blue colour wheel which is commonly referred to as RGB. 

RGB is an additive colour method which is created with light. Colour starts with black and the more colours are added to the mix the lighter it becomes with the end result being white. 

As we can see on the wheel, the opposite colour of red is green; the opposite colour of blue is orange. 

This is important because it helps create a quality video. 

Posted by Adam Smith.