Video Production For Marketing Agencies: How We Work

No marketing agency can afford to leave video out of the equation. In four years, it’s predicted to take up 80% of consumer internet traffic around the world. But what if your company doesn’t have an in-house production team? Will it limit your ability to tap into this lucrative part of the marketing mix?

Not necessarily. There is a way to provide moving, visual stories for the clients you take on, even if you don’t have the staff, personally, to pull it off. As your outsourced video production partners, HSQ can help you fulfil clients’ demand for video and make it a seamless part of what you do. Here’s how: 

White-Labelled Video Production

Video marketing requires a very particular skillset that few agencies have in-house. At HSQ Productions, we recognise this, and regularly work alongside other agencies to support delivery of their projects.

However, clients may expect you to cover everything yourself; white-labelled video production can help you get around this issue, and we’re more than comfortable with this approach.

We can deal with your clients as an extension of your own team, slotting into your processes so that the whole experience is as smooth as possible. The video will carry no reference to us or the HSQ brand so, for all intents and purposes, your agency is the creator.

Working To Tight Deadlines….

Another thing to consider when outsourcing video production is schedules. It shouldn’t take months to get a video you’re happy with – scripted, shot and edited to perfection. With us, you’ll benefit from a one or two-day turnaround.

It’s intense, but that’s how we like to work. By focusing on each project individually, we pour our efforts into a single job, then another, never allowing a web of work to overlap. That results in focused video delivery where all the traits of your assignment – from special locations to explainer scripts, captions and backing music – have a chance to align in a brief timescale.

Your client will be more than impressed when an idea turns up at their door less than a week after it was given the sign-off. You’ll earn a reputation for speed, backed by the reliable, creative standards of HSQ.

Adhering To Your Own Vision

Video is likely to form part of a much wider strategy, which makes close collaboration critical when bringing in an outsourced production team. Film styles, lighting, set design and props can all feed into the overall look and feel of a brand video.

We’re very accommodating; an open ear is going to bring the result in-line with client expectations, and yours. As such, we tend to invite agency members along on the day of the shoot. It’s a chance to be right there next to us as we work, so you can have a say in the direction.

Sounds exhaustive, right? There’s even more to say on how we jump into the role a marketing agency may be desperate to fill… Get in touch for an informal chat on using HSQ for white-labelled video production. 

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Posted by Adam Smith.