4 Ways To Make Video Marketing Work On A Tight Budget

At HSQ Productions, we like to remind our clients that a big budget does not, necessarily, make for a great video. It’s all about the choices, both artistic and otherwise, that are made with a set of resources. So trust us – there is no harm in having a limited budget for video marketing… you just have to know where to trim the cost, ensuring it keeps to the creative vision.

By doing so, you can deliver an impactful video that doesn’t blow the bank open. Read on for our essential tips on how to make video work on a modest marketing budget:

1.  Cut locations or characters

Every aspect of the storyboard should add something to the final production. So if you have several location shoots in mind, ask yourself: are they all critical to the concept? Where possible, limit the number and distance of locations to keep costs low.

The same goes for the people onscreen. Are crowd scenes really needed? Furthermore, would the video be better if the actor count was lowered? Perhaps one or several speakers, in appropriate contexts, are enough for the story you’re telling.

2. Don’t be afraid of brevity

Short, punchy visuals have far more value than tedious videos stretched out over several minutes. Not only does a 60-second video offer a high-impact way to communicate your message or capture the essence of an event; it also means less shooting time – a welcome reduction in your video production budget.

Actually making a good short video, however, takes a lot of skill; decisions around the set, lighting and script have even more weight than usual. It’s why companies like ours are valued for condensing a message down to its purest elements.

3. Explore alternative shooting techniques

We all like to aim for stunning imagery. But a little ingenuity is required on a tight budget. To capture aerial shots, for example, you might consider hiring a drone, erasing the issues of getting the camera-person in the sky or at an elevated height themselves.

There are many ways to economise a cinematic marketing plan. Simple measures such as taking a scene outdoors to remove the need for artificial lighting can help you achieve your goals without the associated price tag.

4. Stay sensitive to licensed media choices

It would be a shame for your video production to be stung by a horrendous licensing cost, merely for a song you thought went well with your brand. The same goes for images, sounds and stock footage – copyright law has to stay at the fore of your considerations for a low-cost video.

An experienced production team can spot these problems before they arise. Be prepared to adapt your plans to stick within your budget – you’d be amazed at how much media is available for free or at a very low cost. You just have to know where to look.

Don’t be put off by a strict budget; a savvy agency should be able to deliver a respectable video without going overboard on the resources. As a leading video production company in Manchester, HSQ is one such example; contact us today for a chat about your video requirements.

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Posted by Adam Smith.