Video Production Jargon Buster: Which video should I make?

Video Production Jargon Buster: Which video should I make?

In this week’s edition of the video production jargon buster blog we are looking at: deciding which videos to make, building video into your existing marketing, and setting smart goals for your video’s success.

Why you don’t need a “video strategy”

So, you’ve come to the conclusion that business video is awesome, and you want one. In our time, we’ve seen lots of companies get excited about video and then decide to create a new ‘video strategy’. We’re glad that you are excited, but hold your horses before you start crafting that document. Instead of reinventing the wheel with that new strategy document, think about how video can achieve your existing goals.

What sales and marketing campaigns are your team already working on, and how can video help? What can video help you achieve? What is video good for? These questions are really important when deciding how best to implement business video production in your marketing and sales strategy.

Three types of videos

When we get asked for our business video production service, we generally find it useful to break down our offerings into three different types. We first get asked for conversion videos, followed by tutorials/teaching, and then companies evolve their strategies to ask us to produce video content that evoke feelings.

If asked what we suggest to our clients, we would recommend beginning with conversion-centric videos, as these are generally easier to measure the immediate return on investment (ROI). Should a client desire, on the other end of the spectrum, one can unlock the full potential of video by taking an ambitious, emotional approach, although, direct impact is often going to be harder to measure.

Conversion videos

Video is super useful at getting a web visitor to do something be it: signing up for a newsletter, a product demo or download a PDF. Whatever the specific goal, it’s relatively easy to measure the result of a conversion goal.

Everybody Dies, But Not Everybody Lives (Call To Action)

Teaching/Tutorial videos

Teaching videos are a great way to educate your audience. They can show off your product and save you time. They don’t always have to be about your product, either. 

Volkswagen: Eyes on the road

Evoking feelings

Video is a great way to save time, but beyond that, it's one of the best ways to build emotional and human connections towards your brand. In the beginning this is a hard place for most companies, as it’s difficult to measure ROI. Although, once you get here, you will begin to see the power of video as a medium. If your views have an emotional connection to your company then they are more likely to convert.

An emotional connection builds a deeper brand connection which is harder to sever. This not only saves you time (and money in the long run), it will also encourage your audience to new ways of thinking about your product or service. Evoking feelings is what video is built for… Everybody likes a good laugh and a cry.

Always #LikeAGirl

Where can I be more human?

By using video it reveals the human side of your business.

Once upon a time, for purchase to take place, be it commodity or service required a conversation to take place with someone. Now we both know that has changed, i.e. same day delivery on Amazon Prime or Argos on an order you placed in bed at 3am, or a comparison check on the latest car deals, all of this a the click of a button.

All of this comes at the removal of human interaction. There are many occasions were we crave interpersonal guidance. Moreover, human interaction delivers an immense amount of value: increased trust, clearer understanding and a deeper brand affiliation.

Video is so powerful because it brings a sense of humanity that scales infinitely with our online marketing. There's no set recipe for using video to build these personal connections: the most important thing is to get the real people behind your product on camera.


This Weeks Action Item

We hope these examples helped you figure out where video might fit into your existing content strategy! If you want to put these lessons to work, here's a little assignment for you:

List out 3 problems you're trying to solve as a company right now. Pick 1 of these 3 problems and write 3 video concepts: a conversion video, a teaching video, and a feeling video. Don't forget to ask yourself how these videos are helping bring a human touch!

Comment below on your thoughts, comments and opinions. It would be great to know how helpful this blog post was to you. 

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Posted by Adam Smith.