Video Production: The Scripting Stage

Did you know that radio and TV newsreaders are trained to speak at 3 words per second?

In 60 seconds with no other voice clips they read 180 words. 

Imagine all the stories they are trying to convey to an audience in that time. 

Imagine the extremely short period of time with which they have to write a 60 second news bulletin. 

Imagine the one opportunity they have to get it right, live, on-air to their audience. 

Feeling stressed yet? 

Let me take that feeling away from you. 

Now imagine a longer period of scripting time - more than one hour and only your message to convey. 

The possibilities of what you could say are endless. 

When thinking about a script for a video, be mindful of the fact people have short attention spans. 

Long rambling sentences are good for books and essays, but not for broadcast. 

The recommended length for a sentence is no longer than 16 words. 

I was once told that you should script it so an intelligent 14 year old could understand it. 


Posted by Adam Smith.