Video Production Jargon Busting: Creating a Strategy for Snackable Video

Snackable Video Production Content Strategy

Snackable video is the new thing in the world of business video production. Our definition of Snackable video here at HSQ Productions is short, sharp, snappy videos. One analogy of this is having lots of sweets through-out the day or chocolate biscuits as these are easy to indulge in.

This week’s Video Production Jargon Busting blog looks at how we can create a strategy for so called ‘Snackable’ videos and then deploy them through various marketing channels. Every year people make a resolution to do more, change a particular habit and/or say they are going to get better a particular thing… Video content marketing is very much like exercise, many people say they are going to do it, but do they end up doing it? No. If you have pledged to have an awesome content strategy, then here we are to help you.

Here are our business video production approach that can be used for Snackable video content strategy:

Start with ‘About Us’

These are the gold standard in video marketing. ‘About us’ videos are also known as culture videos or company videos. They are super simple and easy to create. If produced well they can positively boost a company’s image. These can vary in length anywhere between 60 seconds to 5 minutes. For our ‘Done in a Day’ package we advocate to our clients no more than 60 seconds. It's a great length of time to get to get to know business.

You can generally find this type of video production on a company’s home page of their website or in the ‘about us’ section. Moreover, due to the nature of this type of video, they can also be placed on social media and used to introduce the company at speaking events.

‘About us’ videos are usually a collection of smaller stories edited together to paint a picture of the organisation. These tell viewers about the various aspects of the organisation such as: the history, culture, best practise and unique qualities. By combining these together, they inform the viewer about what makes the company special. On an individual level, they can be used as building blocks of a bigger video strategy.

Edit the Smaller Stories

Once your ‘about us’ video has been shot and edited, it’s time to identify the smaller stories within the video. When these stories have been identified, you can let your business video production company edit them into shorter, ‘snackable’ videos. By repurposing already created video content the additional cost of production will be minimal (perhaps another 20-25% above the cost of shooting producing and deliver the original video) and you will have plenty more videos to use on your marketing channels.

For example, we are currently working with a world renowned education institute. We are providing them with two ‘Done in a Day’ videos and a third video, which is the combination of the two previously edited videos.

Make sure that when working with a video production company on these smaller stories, each video can stand on their own. Alongside this each video should have: a nice, clean start, an interesting title and thumbnail, and ends with your logo or a call-to-action (CTA) graphic.

Place them on your Website

Now you have your awesome video it’s time to place them on your website, making sure that you put them on the appropriate pages. For example, ‘What We Make’ goes on the product page, ‘We’re Proud’ goes on the employment page, and ‘Built to Last’ goes on a landing page.

Distribute them everywhere

That’s right, if you have something you are proud of, distribute it wherever you can. Post your videos on: Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, make sure you add a link leading to either the full video or an appropriate/landing page on your website. You could also add video to your next newsletter or email blast, have your sales team send links to their followers and in their follow up emails, add it to your email signature. Lastly, you could even create a video brochure.

Once you have completed the process of business video production and have these videos at your disposal, host them on a video platform which can be accessed easily. Moreover, the platform should provide you with the ability to convert viewers into inquiries or even qualified leads. You’ve created powerful marketing assets then now’s is the time to use them.

If you are looking to use a video hosting platform, we recommend using Wistia.

Should you require a helping hand in the realm of business video production, please get in touch with us.

Please comment below with your thoughts on this week’s blog.

Posted by Adam Smith.

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