Video Production Jargon Buster: Incorporating Video Into Your Everyday Content

Scheduling Video Production Content to Optimise Engagement

What are the chances you wake up and one of the first things you do is check social media? If you’re like me you can’t leave the house without getting your fix. I like to be well informed about what is going on.

People seek different content through-out the day. By knowing how their preferences change as the day progresses, you can use business video content to connect with people effectively depending on what they are looking for. Below are a set of time period and HSQ Productions suggestions about which video production content should be distributed to your target market. 

6am – noon: staying informed.

The world moves fast, my granny would consider it moves at breakneck speed and she’s 90. Whether is breaking news or the latest celebrity gossip, people browse the net/social media to get their fix. This could be while they are eating breakfast or commuting to work. Some may roll out of bed and stroll across the house to get to work; others sit on trains and busses. Think just how much time commuters have to consume your well timed, perfectly designed video? According to the Office of National Statistics, more than 3.7million workers travel for two or more hours every weekday. The average daily commute lasted 57.1 minutes. These commuters want to set the tone for the day ahead by catching up on: news and updates that they missed overnight. By providing an informative video you become part of the tone setting aspect of their day. Check out this example of what ABC News did as they set the tone for their audience.

People are catching up on news during this time period:

Waking up – People are preparing for their day. In preparation mode they are seeking information and inspirational video content for what they are doing today.

Getting ready – The focus then shifts to themselves as it becomes more important to have all the information they need.

Eating breakfast – By this point many people expect to be caught up with the latest news. This time period offers them a chance to relax before the rush of commuting to work.

Going to work – The morning commute can be a stressful time for many. This offers an ideal opportunity to distract your target audience as they seek entertainment to pass the time.

12 - 6pm: seeking distractions and quick wins

People’s days are intense, if at work they want short pieces of entertainment to help them get through their day. They may also be looking for the quick win; this comes in the form of learning a news skill or answering a key question. We advise our business video production clients who want to target this segment to offer videos that are: funny, engaging or provide a short how-to, which their target audience can watch during an afternoon break.

People are generally seeking amusement during this time period. They are:

Taking a break – people want to kill some time and relax. This is perfect for humorous content that taps into their desire to procrastinate.

Eating lunch – people like to do things while they eat. Amusement alongside breaking content helps them to keep in touch.

Running errands – like collecting mail or buying coffee people want to kill time during these small errands. This is the perfect time for quick to consume videos to help pass their time.

Going home – killing time whilst waiting for the train/bus, people seek relaxation. During this time period, they choose from a mix of breaking news, informational and humorous content.

6 – 12am: Unwinding and engaging in personal interests

Some days feel longer than others. After work and other obligations, people just want to unwind and delve into their interests. For some that means finding something of comedic value, or engaging in content that doesn’t require too much thinking. In a busy social media feed, video that stands out can help you engage with your audience. From quirky, entertaining videos to how-tos and news announcements, business video production should be part of your content creating strategy.  

During this time period people are looking to unwind:

They are with family and friend – As people consume entertaining and amusing video content they are doing so with others. At this point the aim when giving them video content Is to make them relax, laugh and feel good.

Eating dinner – people prefer humour and entertaining video productions.

Time for myself – video is used by people to cure boredom and soothe themselves. They want something which will help them learn new things and feel creative.

Bedtime – mindless and soothing content fit nicely here as people seek to relax at the end of their day.


When planning your video strategy, be smart; be aware of when you can promote each video that has been created for your business. There is little value gained in using an entertaining video when people want to be informed. Likewise, when your target audience wishes to be entertained giving them something informative is not going to get you many views.

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Posted by Adam Smith.

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