Video Production Jargon Buster: Scroll Stopping Business Videos

Video Production Jargon Buster: Scroll Stopping Business Videos

This week’s Video Production Jargon Buster blog is looking at how we can stop people from scrolling past your business video. When you have spent a large amount of money on high quality business video production you need to find a way to catch the viewers eye. 

Incorporating video into a content marketing strategy is a smart move because it makes your message memorable and increases engagement. Twitter stats have shown that tweets with video are 6X’S more likely to be retweeted than tweets with photos. Here are our five top tips which we use to plan scroll stopping, eye catching business videos. 

Hook Your Audience

First things first you have to hook your audience. That means building an intriguing set-up or dynamic set of actions to hook the viewer in the first few seconds. Viewers make a decision to continue with the video in the first 5 seconds. Here are a couple of ideas of how you can hook your audience:

  • Intriguing set up
  • Close- up shot
  • On screen graphic which sparks curiosity
  • Quick movement or action

Here are a couple of examples: 

Flashy Logo

You could flash your logo like the signs outside shop windows or ‘American style’ hotels? A quick flash of something interesting will grab someone’s attention, especially if it is at the start of the video. Last week we mentioned that many popular social media platforms use an autoplay feature for corporate videos. It is also a great way of driving brand association right from the start of the business video. 

Neon Flicker Animation created by Alex Hall

Add People

Feature people! Viewers are naturally drawn to human faces, so including them in the first few frames (right after the flashing logo?) has been proven to dramatically increase view rates and drive upto 2X higher retention. When we work with businesses we try and get someone in front of the camera, even if it is for a moment or two. 

This video features a presenter who appears inside the first 10 seconds. 

Produced by Timothy Sykes

Tell A Story

We all like a good story, so when we undertake a business video production for a client we like to set up a problem which ultimately gets solved by the end. If you are going to create a story, the sequences must be easier for the viewer to follow. The video jumps from one section to the next it can easily cause confusion. One way we recommend to avoid this is by creating a storyboard so as to know the scene order and plan the story. 

Created by RocketJump Film School

Created by Droga5 London

Caption It

Captions are king when business videos auto-play on social media. When the corporate video starts playing it has no sound unless you click/tap onto it. The vast majority of videos being consumed are now being viewed on mobile devices, its important to have a sound off strategy. Just imagine the moment when you forget your earphones and you’re waiting for a coffee or commuting to work. You don’t want to be the irritating person who blasts the audio and annoys everyone? Using captions in combination with visual cues are a great way to capture and hold the viewers’ attention.

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Posted by Adam Smith.