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We did an AMA with our friends over at Ziferblat’s Edge Street branch. Our subject for the week was their Head of Marketing Ben Davies. He was recently nominated for an award by Downtown in Business for his communications work. Firstly, we want to thank him for the time he took out of his busy day. Secondly, for his insight into what we can expect from Ziferblat in the coming months. The candid conversation we had was good fun.

AMA Ben Davies Screen grab.jpg

Twitter was our preferred social media platform for this AMA because of the length of each part. They were short, digestible chunks of video which could be easily consumed by our target audience. As with our previous AMA, we edited it into 5 segments which were released from Monday – Friday.

One of our key take-home points from this AMA was the timing of our tweets. The videos were uploaded to Buffer/Twitter and then scheduled to go out in the morning. We would either post a teaser statement with picture followed by the video, or the reverse. This would further the number of impressions from the created content. Our finding was that most people were viewing the tweets in the morning than in the afternoon; in particular our target market, which are businesses. Moreover, they had more time to increase the number of impressions.

According to Twitter Analytics, the AMA with Ziferblat’s Head of Marketing had over 13 thousand impressions. This is more than a 50% increase on the previous AMA we held with Bamboo Manchester. From our view, this is the highest number of impressions we’ve ever had over the course of the week. Furthermore, due to the combined efforts of the two AMA series’ we’ve released, it makes September 2017 the best month we’ve ever had for social media impression with over 27 thousand.

Check out the Youtube playlist containing all the segments from our recent AMA.

If you are a Greater Manchester based business and you want to feature in our AMA series please get in touch with us. Alternatively, if you have a video or photography production project you would like a helping hand with please contact us.

Posted by Adam Smith.

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