Video Production AMA With Bamboo Manchester

We want to thank Bamboo Manchester for taking part in last week’s AMA. It was good fun to interview Mark from Bamboo. As the first interviewee in the AMA series, he was a cheerful chap full of life and enthusiasm for web design and development and a pleasure to interview.  

Bamboo Manchester Mark

The location for the AMA was at Ziferblat’s Edge Street branch during a Freelance Folk Friday session. We wanted to use one of their meeting rooms because of the clock wallpaper. It made for a nice background whilst not detracting away from the subject (Mark).

One of our key learning points from the AMA was that Twitter and LinkedIn don’t like certain variations of H.264 video codec. Our first video we posted had issues with the sound when it was played on a mobile phone. This was picked up by Katy Carlisle from The Wheel Exists who sent us a message; we then promptly re-edited the video to correct the issue.

We decided that Twitter would be the best social media channel for this AMA series as we could break up the video into smaller segments which were appropriate for our target market. The whole interview was split up into 9 segments along with bespoke graphics. Despite the number of segments created, we only posted 5 so we could keep some in reserve and pick up the AMA at another time.

According to Twitter, our AMA series with Bamboo Manchester averaged over 1500 organic impressions per day during the 5 day period (Mon-Fri). This equates to over 8000 impressions. From the view of HSQ Productions, this is the most amount of impressions we have had on our Twitter channel from content we have created over the same timeframe.

Check out the Youtube playlist we created containing all the segments from the AMA interview with Bamboo Manchester.

If you are a Greater Manchester based business and you want to feature in our AMA series please get in touch with us. Alternatively, if you have a video or photography production project you would like a helping hand with please contact us.

Posted by Adam Smith.

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