Maximise your Event Marketing Value with Content Production

You gaze into the room you hired for your amazing event, its full of happy, contented people enjoying your event. You've spent thousands of £'S and hundreds of hours making the event so incredible. Then everyone leaves the event, it could have been the best thing since sliced bread, but they soon forget. Not everyone is gifted with amazing long term memories.
 It takes a well-designed content to help attendees remember the positive emotions they got from the event. Content can take the form of: photos, videos, blogs, tweets, attendee testimonials. By producing engaging content which aids people’s memories then they are more likely to remember the message of the event. 

Once you have the desired quality content you need to distribute it to your target audience, which in this case are those who attended your event anyone considering going to the next one. This can come in the form of email marketing (email addresses you will have gotten during the event), social media (twitter, Facebook, etc) and PR.

It is important to have high quality content when you distribute it; you want your target audience to associate you with being the best in your industry. A lacklustre approach to distribution will mean that not everyone will see your incredible marketing content. Your company voice can be as quiet as a mouse or as loud as a lion, it is up to you to make that decision. Perhaps you don’t want people to know? 

We provide both content creation and distribution services to help you get your event message in front of your target audience. Check out what one of our recent clients wrote about us. 

Time For You -  We chose HSQ Productions 7 day video production service to produce a series of videos of our recent AGM. They kept us informed of progress throughout production allowing us to remain confident that they would deliver a high quality service on time. Their eye for detail and a good story meant they delivered videos which we feel able to share. We look forward to working with HSQ as our preferred video production supplier. 

Posted by Adam Smith.