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What's Inspiring our Creatives

Specialising in 'Done In a Day' Business Video and Photography

What is ‘Done in a Day’?

‘Done in a Day’ is our core offering where we guarantee to shoot, edit and deliver your business video production and photography inside 24hrs. 

HSQ Productions in a Nutshell

A vibrant company based in Manchester's Northern Quarter who thrive on producing bespoke corporate video and photography

A Brief Insight Into our Production Process

  1. We plan the shoot with YOU: storyboard, moodboard, script, shot list before the production day.
  2. We then shoot everything according to the agreed plan.
  3. We edit with YOU by our side - so you can be fully involved in the process.
  4. We add the cinematic touch, just the way YOU like it. 
  5. We deliver it to YOU so YOU can OWN it.

The Benefits of our Process

  • Faster lead time - increases time spent using the created marketing asset.
  • Faster lead time - reduce client time on a single project.
  • Increase efficiency because focus is on one task.
  • Maintain high level of video quality without the wait. 

Done in a Day Price: from £500 + vat

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Telephone: 01617060380