GDPR Resource

We’ve been working with Buckworths Compliance legal team to produce a series of videos on the topic of GDPR. They provide a series of answers to frequently asked questions.

Here are the questions we put to Managing Partner Michael Buckworth:

  • What is personal data?
  • Who is a processor/controller? What is the difference? 
  • To whom GDPR applies?
  • What are the six principles?
  • How important is consent? 
  • Charity sepecific guidance around fundraising and beneficiary data.
  • How are marketing activities impacted?
  • What about processing children’s data?
  • What are the rights of data subjects?
  • The importance of accountability.
  • How do we maintain data security?
  • How do we maintain compliance?
  • What if we miss the deadline to become GDPR compliant? 

Check out the YouTube Playlist to reveal the answers.

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