Why use video?

Video can bring a company’s message to life.

  • People can see and hear what you are trying to convey.

Video can enhance the company’s social media presence.

  • Video is shared 1200% more than links and text combined.
  • Access to 1.79 billion users of social network users worldwide, which is increasing year on year.
  • Social media has reached 29% of the global population.
  • Facebook‘s number of active users is 1.49 billion with 39% of the global online population using it.

Video can be used on a variety of different platforms.

  • Internet, corporate days, TV, branded website, email communications.

Video is more memorable than written content.

  • According to the Online Publishers Association, 80% of viewers can recall a video ad they watched in the last 30 days. 26% then looked for more information about the product, 22% visit the named website, 15% visit the companies’ site and 12% purchase the product.