Here at HSQ Productions, we understand the need for quality photography and a fast turnaround. 

In the case where video is not possible then we are able to offer a photographic alternative. 

We provide:

  • Sports photography 
  • Event Photography
  • Product photography
  • Headshot Photography
  • Landscape photography

We advocate the use of pictures in advertising because:

  • Pictures on Facebook are liked 200% more than text updates.
  • Helps potential buyers visualise the product or service being offered. 
  • Captures people’s attention.
  • Pictures can tell a thousand words. 

We advocate the use of pictures in recording events:

  • Visual record of who was there and what happened. 

What kind of pictures should you use? 

  • Interesting
  • Relevant
  • Genuine
  • Appropriate for your audience
  • Not outdated